I have heard it is more desirable to purchase a spa that will connect to a 220-volt electrical current. Why is a 220-volt electrical connection preferable as compared to a 110-volt electrical connection?
All 110-volt spas have the same deficiencies no matter who manufactures the product. 110-volt electrical connections limit spa performance by the small amount of electrical current available through a 110-volt electrical power source.
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The first problem with 110-volt spas is the slow initial heat-up they provide the spa owner. 110-volt spas can only heat spa water approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit per hour. Do you want to drain your spa Saturday morning, refill with 50 degree Fahrenheit fresh water from your garden hose and be inconvenienced by having to wait until Sunday morning for your spa to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit? Spa owners agree 110-volt spas are too slow to initially heat the spa water.
The second problem with 110-volt spas, regardless of who manufactures the spa, is their inability to maintain the spa owners preselected water temperature while the high-speed spa jets are functioning. There is not enough power provided through a 110-volt electrical connection to supply power to the jet pump and the heater simultaneously. Consequently, when the high-speed jets are functioning, the heater cannot!
It is not unusual for a 110-volt spa to lose 4-6 degrees Fahrenheit in a very short period of time when the spa cover is removed and the primary high-speed jets are activated. Since a 110-volt spa can only heat spa water approximately 2 degrees Fahrenheit per hour, on average it will take 2-3 hours for the spa to heat itself to the initial preselected temperature that was maintained before the spa cover was removed and the high-sped jet pump was activated.
The inability of a 110-volt spa to simultaneously massage the user and maintain water temperature will result in situations in which the user is forced to exit the spa very quickly due to the uncomfortable lukewarm temperature of the water.


The first benefit of 220-volt spas is their ability to heat the spa water approximately 6 degrees Fahrenheit per hour as compared to the two degrees Fahrenheit per hour of the 110-volt spa. With the 220-volt spa, you can pump 50 degree Fahrenheit tap water into your spa and enjoy 100 degree Fahrenheit spa water in approximately 8 hours instead of waiting 24 hours for a 110-volt spa to reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
Also, a 220-volt spa, with a 40, 50, or 60 Amp breaker, will allow you to maintain your desired water temperature even while the primary high-speed hydrotherapy jets are functioning. In addition, many spa owners turn up their water temperature a degree or two when entering the spa so that as they utilize the hydrotherapy,the water temperature is elevated. This would be impossible to accomplish with a 110-volt spa connection.
Girl swimming with ducks in hot tubCAUTION!! Some spa manufacturers and sellers will attempt to mislead you regarding 110-volt vs. 220-volt spa performance. They may make unrealistic claims promising their 110-volt spas will not lose more than one or two degrees in 30-45 minutes of use.
Common sense will tell any spa shopper that even an indoor bathtub will lose much more than one or two degrees per 30-45 minutes of use! Imagine how much more water temperature an outdoor spa will lose in the winter when below freezing conditions can exist.
The average 220-volt electrical hook-up only cost $349 and is money well invested when compared to the long-term deficiencies associated with all 110-volt spas.
Also be advised that even some 220-volt spas, which operate on a 30 Amp breaker, are not designed to allow the spa owner to utilize the spa heater and primary high-speed hydrotherapy jets simultaneously.This solves the problem of slow initial heat-up since the heater functions on 220-volt current, but as soon as the primary high-speed jets are activated, the pump overrides the heater and water-cooling begins to occur. A spa with this design requires the owner to turn off the high-speed jets to activate the heater and allow the cooled water to reheat. The 220-volt heater can heat quickly, but this still presents a less than perfect performance because all systems cannot work simultaneously. This creates a situation where the spa owner must choose between consistently hot water and high-speed jet action. Most spa owners say they prefer not to have to make the compromise.
Remember to chose a 220-volt spa which functions on at least a 40, 50 or 60 Amp breaker if you want to operate primary high-speed hydrotherapy jets and the heater simultaneously.
Spa Buyer Tip. For maximum performance and spa owner satisfaction, be certain you purchase a spa with a 220-volt electrical connection that will allow all systems of the spa to function simultaneously!

I feel confused regarding spa warranties. Every spa manufacturer and spa retailer claims to offer the best warranty. Who do I believe?
Obviously, everyone cannot have the best warranty. Some spa retailers offer excellent warranties. Other spa retailers offer very inferior warranties, which they attempt to disguise as quality warranties.
The best way to compare spa warranties is to obtain an exact copy of the warranty when you visit the spa retailer's showroom.Retailers with quality spa warranties provide exact copies and openly discuss the warranty since quality comprehensive warranties help them sell more spas!

Spa Buyer Tip:
Obtain exact copies of spa warranties and closely compare them. Never accept a warranty "sell-sheet" which offers only a cleverly disguised description of an inferior warranty.
To download an exact copy of the Sundance Spa Warranty,click here. To view this document, you will need Adobe Reader, a free download from http://www.adobe.com.

What level of service should I expect if I decide to buy a spa from Alcoe?
In today's marketplace all sellers claim they provide superior service after the sale. You have learned as a consumer that more "lip service" is provided than old-fashioned personalized VIP service after the sale.
When you purchase an Alcoe spa for your home, you will receive the type of genuine VIP service only a third-generation family owned business can provide.>Lee family members personally insure all your questions are answered and needs met.
Alcoe spa owners continually refer friends, relatives and work associates to the Lee family at Alcoe because of the personalized professional service they receive year after year, decade after decade.

Do you demand satisfaction and genuine old-fashioned VIP service after the sale? Purchase your spa from Alcoe. Alcoe has been named the number one Sundance Spa dealer for Customer Satisfaction in North America for many years. This means, that although there are over 550 spa companies in North America, Alcoe's service department is rated #1 for customer satisfaction!
A Lee family member cares for each request for spa service. Requests for service are usually fulfilled within 24 to 48 hours of the initial request. Over 98% of the time your spa part will be on Alcoe's service vehicle. This means you are not frustrated by having to wait on parts to be shipped in.

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